@nathanveshecco you are a tru list king 👑 I'd probably make this a rap album since my singing voice isn't great
  1. I Need Sushi
  2. 50 Shades of Black Clothing
  3. Late For Work (Again)
    feat. winged liner and fleeked eyebrows
  4. Kindergarten Chaos
    feat. a bunch of 5-6 yr olds screaming, laughing, and crying
  5. Time To Roll A Blunt
  6. I Need Sushi (Again)
  7. Journey To Grad School
  8. Jameson And Ginger Ale
  9. Cereal Killer
  10. TED Talks And Chill
  11. Ring Game Strong
    aka Yes I Do Need That Many Rings On My Fingers
  12. Time To Roll A Blunt (Again)