*insert Stanley Hudson gif*
  1. when I was 4 and cut my hair
    just a few days before picture day
  2. when I got rolls of hundreds of stickers on my 5th birthday and stuck them all over every wall in the house and the garage
  3. when I was 17 and got my eyebrow pierced behind her back
    and hid it for three days. I vividly remember her saying, "what do you mean?....its on your face?"
  4. when I finally got the courage to tell her I didn't want to go to church anymore.
    except on holidays. that's my gift to her.
  5. every year when she asks me what I want for Christmas and I say "another tattoo"
    basically she doesn't find any of my jokes funny
  6. when I gave my brother a mohawk
    he asked me to since I already had experience cleaning up his edges. she was more mad at him than me...mostly because she still doesn't know I was the one that did it. he had to shave it off after only a couple hours
  7. when we got a puppy behind her back
    my mom was never a dog person. we had the opportunity to get a pitbull pup for free and my brother decided to just go get one without her knowing. my mom loves her now though. I mean just look at that angel face 😍😘
  8. Happy Mother's Day to all you list app mamas! 😘
    or li.st mamas idk anymore