1. Where Have All My Bobby Pins/Hair Ties Gone?
  2. I Could Really Go for Some Chick-Fil-A Right About N- FUCK IT'S SUNDAY
  3. I Just Finished Painting My Nails and Now I Have to Pee
  4. Does This Sweater Make Me Look Like a Fuccboi?
  5. No I'm Not Hispanic Even Though I Speak Spanish and Have a Spanish Last Name and Live in a Predominantly Hispanic Area
  6. Yes I'm Filipino, No I Can't Speak Tagalog.
  7. Do Chips and Guacamole Count as a Substantial Dinner?
  8. If I Go to Bed Now I'll Get 5 Hours and 2 Minutes of Sleep
  10. Best Quotes by Kids 6 and Under
    I'm a kindergarten teacher. I could write a book about all the interesting things I hear.
  11. Do My Eyeliner Wings Match?
  12. Wanna Blaze?