BEWARE pictures are not for the faint-hearted
  1. look at that face
    would you trust that face? if you said yes YOURE WRONG
  2. so vicious
    ready to attack at any moment
  3. so lazy
  4. what a scumbag
  5. they'll get drunk and pass out anywhere
  6. even in your own bed
  7. they'll also smoke all your weed and eat all your food
    and be all smug about it
  8. their death stare is unbearable
  9. just don't trust them
  10. they have a mean look in their eyes
  11. they might try to convince you otherwise
    don't fall for it
  12. don't even get anywhere near their flesh-tearing teeth
  13. don't buy them a slice of cake for their birthday
    they'll just throw it on the ground and tell you that they hate it almost as much as they hate you
  14. they are just overall unimpressed with everything
  15. they think they're hot shit
  16. they think you won't notice if they try to pretend to be a cat
  17. look at this cute moment
  18. NOPE JUST KIDDING look at her viciously devouring my cat
  19. they're also jerks that like to bury themselves under your mom's couch covers
  20. they're a handful to deal with during bath time
  21. they also like to go on hikes and not invite you
    what an asshole
  22. I mean just look at this jerk
    how can you even trust someone with a name like Sugar?