I'm half Swede. I went. I can't wait to go back.
  1. Everyone is gorgeous.
    It sounds fake until you see it. 98% of the population are knock-outs. 98%! More importantly, since everyone is beautiful, no one is beautiful. They're not dicks about it, and it's awesome.
  2. They speak English better than YOU.
    It's borderline creepy. 1 second they're speaking "melodic German", the next they're speaking like your friends from high school. Instantly. Most of them don't even have an accent. It is so impressive (once you get over the startling creepiness of it).
  3. It's light at 11pm!
    In the summer the days are long. Like, real long. I went to a happy hour at 10pm in August. Deal with that...
  4. EVERYONE is gorgeous.
    I really can't stress this enough. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life was working the register at a chain drug store. She would be a model in the states, but there she smiled at me and sold me gummies.
  5. Fika
    "Fee-ka" Swedish for "when you go out with a friend for coffee and something sweet and to talk." It means all of those things at once and it is quaint and wonderful. They do it everyday.
  6. Allemansratten
    The forests and nature belong to everyone. This "Everyman's Right" means you can just go anywhere and enjoy nature. Want to swim in that person's lake? Do it. Want to camp in that person's forest? Enjoy yourself. As long as it's not a national preserve or a private garden, you can just walk in. The only rule is don't destroy it. Can you even imagine?
  7. They call Polar bears "Ice Bears"
    You guys... C'MON...