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  1. Being yourself, that means you do you! You act how you want to act, you say what you want to say, you dress how you want to dress.
  2. Don't rely on others, that's about as simple as it sounds. Everyone from your parents to your "best friend" will let you down. It might not be intentional but they will let you down in your eyes.
  3. Don't be materialistic, this is something I struggle with everyday. I do make good money and I do want flashy things such as the Rolex or the nice car. But do I really need it? The answer is No!! Save your money and travel the world with loved ones!!
  4. Work hard, I know for me when I work my ass off and do my job with integrity it brings me such joy!
  5. Set goals, whatever those are, be focused on them and achieve!!
  6. Ever heard the saying "you can't please everyone?" Well that's true, please yourself first then assess the situation and go from there. Do what your heart tells you!