Duets for days.
  1. Elvis Costello & Bob Dylan
    How has this never happened yet?
  2. Jenny Lewis & Colin Meloy
  3. Robyn & Janelle Monae
    2016's hottest summer jam, amirite?!
  4. Jack White & Lykke Li
    They both have such unique voices, I can't help but wonder what they'd sound like together.
  5. Adele & James Blake
    Britain's finest. Times two.
  6. Kelly Clarkson & Beyoncé
    Power ballad, anyone?
  7. Charli XCX & Nicki Minaj
    Bad bitches unite!
  8. St. Vincent & Sufjan Stevens
    I mean she used to be his backup singer, but I need a proper duet. Naturally it'd be something lighthearted and silly. Or something somber and deeply emotional. Or one of each. Thanks, guys.
  9. Florence Welch & The National
    Her voice plus their particular brand of melancholy would be magic.