2017 so far

How the first half of this year has treated me
  1. Finished my first year at my dream college
    This past semester was my best one yet; I set a goal to makes Dean's list and I did it. Only three semesters left
  2. My best friend came to visit
    He and his wife flew down for a long weekend and I got to play tour guide and show them around my new(ish) home
  3. I met Hannah
    See my other list about her
  4. Was accepted for a paid internship lasting six weeks. It starts Wednesday 7/5. The acceptance happened before the half way mark so it counts.
  5. Got to stand by my step brother's side on his wedding day
  6. I've given li.st my everything.
    Too many of you know everything about my life and I love it. Shout out to @michellejennifer for her existence and always being there for me when I need her. Whether it's a personal question or 15 hours of snapchats of me singing in the car while I road trip
  7. ADHD
    I finally looked into my own diagnosis of what I thought was ADHD and I was right.
  8. Reading
    I've stepped up the number of books I read. I've already hit my yearly goal (12 books) and don't see it slowing down.
  9. Donuts
    I'm pretty sure I've consumed more donuts so far than any other year of my life which is A O.K. by me
  10. Turned 30
    another decade on this rock
  11. Can't wait to see what the second half brings.