Books I've read in 2017. 📚

  1. wow. just wow. so glad I kicked the new year off with this book. Bruno is one of the most philosophical creatures I've ever encountered. I encourage many of you to pick this book up. it's wildly earnest, liberating, and full of wtf moments. "My name is Bruno Littlemore. Bruno I was given, Littlemore I later gave myself." The writer himself turns language into a simplistic talent. 🙈🙉🙊| 5 January 2017
  2. I was assigned this reading. Everyone said they loved it and as much as I enjoyed the different perspective there wasn't ever a wow moment for me. However, it is a book I will one day put in my classroom library.
  3. This book is clearly written to help the audience feel whole and know that everything will be okay. Even if it's targeted readers will be mostly female, I still loved this read. I finished it one early morning with a cup of tea by my side. Kaur is incredibly clever with her metaphors and what compelled me the most was how she dared to not necessarily cross the line but how comfortable she was drawing the line herself. I deeply connected with this work and bookmarked some of my favorite poems.
  4. Batman and Philosophy
    This was recommended to be back in the Fall and knew I had to put it on the list of things to read. Well, now it's on this because I've finished it. My favorite parts were comparing Bats and The Joker, anything about Alfred (💯), and of course, Chapter 17: Why Batman is Better than Superman. Often it felt like the author(s) were stretching it a bit too much but I did enjoy the book enough to purchase it and add it to my personal library. 🦇
  5. The Night Circus
    Wasn't my favorite
  6. Born a Crime
    I don't love his show but all you listers posted it so I jumped on the wagon. Very happy I did so! Reading about his upbringing, country, EDUCATION, and the girls were entrancing. New respect for Trevor and anyone else who led a life similar to his.
  7. Wild
    Cheryl Strayed ❤️ enough said
  8. The Wisdom of Psychopaths
    First read it a few years back and remembered the entertainment my mind absorbed from it. Not for everyone but the title itself is quite captivating.. to me at least. Love me some crazies!
  9. The Last Lecture
    Terminal cancer leaves Randy with only months to live. While preparing for his last lecture (and giving it) he also discusses his upbringing and how his own family can carry on without him. Almost held it together, until his wife's last words.
  10. Batman & Robin E T E R N A L #1
    Basically starting off with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake together after some time apart; looks like Scarecrow is going to be the main villain. Excited to start this storyline! Already purchased the next three issues.
  11. Whiskey Words & a Shovel III
    this birthday gift was a great option for my two hour flight. Paired with a favorite on-the-go snack and my new floral tie, I had all the feels when reading these poems.
  12. The Hobbit
    childhood bedtime story at it's finest. This copy my college keeps has a gorgeous cover
  13. Nature | Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Classic. - My routine has changed the last month and I've had a "this is new and I feel like I'm not liking it" moment. My best way to counter that and better align myself is to (1) submerge myself within nature. I surfed a few times for an hour or two each time and I SUP 5 miles down the intracoastal; truly calming. (2) read something. The picture above was my "thanks" to the elements for the last few days. "Nature" by RWE was an appropriate choice.
  14. Batman & Robin E T E R N A L #2
  15. Batman & Robin E T E R N A L #3