1. Andrew
    You were my first. I was young and everything was in my parents hands. We came on our once-a-year family vacation and you brought a quick end to it that year. Fortunately, we made it out. We were the lucky ones who didn't lose our home.
  2. Sandy
    You came in so quickly and did a number on my beloved home state. I did what I could to help those I knew. The aftermath is imprinted in my mind to this day.
  3. Matthew
    While I wanted to wait it out and stay at my at-the-time girlfriend's house to look after it I had flashbacks to Sandy. I thought it was best to leave and ended up meeting my ex in Florence, Alabama where she had extended family. You wrecked the city I called my home for two years but got to witness a community that went above and beyond the call of duty to help one another.
  4. Irma
    Less than a year later, I'm evacuating again. Irma is on her way straight to FL after wrecking apart St. Thomas and others in the Caribbean. Fortunately my boss who is leaving with his business has decided to expedite his departure to his new home state up to now. He's hired me to help him move and will cover my expenses at full. I'm thankful that I have a place to go to to keep safe. Roughly five days until I find out what the aftermath looks like and what I'll be returning to. Wish me luck!