Into it..

inspired by @michellejennifer
  1. The Minimalists
    qualitative lifestyle > quantitative, tiny homes, and living consciously.
  2. Supergirl
    Heroines 🙌🏼
  3. The Kookaburra
    Local small business coffee shop. It's a town favorite and they've been making big moves this past year
  4. Jeopardy!
    I make sure to send out daily snapchats to friends to let them know it's time for Jeopardy! Depending on where you live. For me it comes on at 7:30
  5. Willa Carther
    got this gem at the local library book sale. for a dollar I get to learn about Willa Cartha's travels around Europe while she vividly describes the landscape. The streets, architecture, and land is illustrated in such a compelling manner.
  6. This outfit
    rocking chair + this cardigan = my aesthetic. I threw this outfit on last minute and got complimented, more than once. After taking this photo out of boredom that's where I really saw the colors working cohesively.
  7. Hozier
    I just can't get enough of this album and its brilliance
  8. Che's Table
    every piece of production in these documentaries are incredibly entrancing. Between the stories of each chef, the scenery of the land in which they live, the concepts and thought process behind each of their dishes, and the videography are class acts. Absolutely brilliant.
  9. Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Chunky Monkey
    phenomenal. I'm afraid I'm going to break my teeth on the size of chocolate chunks in there
  10. Sign of the Time
    I'm hooked. Thanks @michellejennifer
  11. Mango Chile Lime Black Bean Harvest Snaps
    🤤 newest obsession
  12. featuring Naomi Wild
    brb, just gonna keep this on repeat for the evening.