My tour of donuts throughout the states 🍩

My unhealthy, but completely okay obsession with donuts really hit its strive during 2016. Whenever I travel the first thing I do now is look for the donut spots. Here's where I've been so far.. more to come
  1. Federal Donuts (Philadelphia)
    That peach cobbler and the blueberry dones were just delightful
  2. Doughnut Plant (Manhattan)
    I went with the lavender flower and the blueberry. That pistachio looked tempting.
  3. Doughnuttery (Manhattan)
    Worst of the worst. The customers in front of me saw my excitement for a new donut shop and tried convincing me that I would not be disappointed. Unfortunately the staff were miserably rude and even though they have a bunch of "flavors" they only coat the plain donuts in powder while limiting the amount of flavors you're allowed. The customers who were in front of me heard me complaining about them to my company and thought I was crazy. I gave them the rest of mine since they were awful.
  4. Strange Donuts (Kirkwood, Missouri)
    That maple bacon had no chance in my presence. I ate it too quickly to even grab a picture that I had to instayank this photo off their page. So, so good!
  5. Donut King (Jacksonville)
    The place itself looked a little sketch inside but these dones were a happy, up-lifting snack to grab when picking up my brother from the airport.
  6. Good Dough (Jacksonville)
    Bless that lemon poppyseed at the bottom 😍
  7. Kookaburra (St. Augustine)
    Although this is a coffee shop, their vegan donut (sweet potato based) is out of this world! I'm pretty sure I paid their monthly rent off this kind of donut alone 💸
  8. Kookaburra (St. Augustine)
    Non-vegan. Second best in their shop
  9. The Salty Donut (Miami)
    The two on the left are my kryptonite. In fact, that maple bacon was soo good after taking the first bite I had to Snapchat the rest to let the world know. Probably my favorite donut of all time. Five out of five 🙌🏼
  10. Underground Donuts (Philadelphia)
    these sonsofbitches came out of a donut truck and were 💣
  11. Tim Hortons
    Maple Glazed and a Canadian Maple 🍁 I stopped multiple times in western and southern Canada; four providences were raided by my gluttony
  12. Rojos Roastery (Princeton)
    It was a quick fix.