1. The amount of donuts I've eaten
  2. The number of bagels I've eaten
  3. How many musicals I had to attend to watch my big brother perform
  4. How many miles I've ran on a treadmill
  5. How many times I've said fuck & fuckin'
  6. How many hours I've slept vs how many I spent awake
  7. How many showers I've taken
  8. How many sharks have swam by me while I'm surfing that I haven't noticed
  9. How many times I've made someone cry vs how many times I've made someone smile/laugh
  10. How many minutes/hours/days/year(s) I've spent watching tv
  11. How many times I've peed
  12. How many miles I've driven
  13. How many steps I've taken
  14. Mileage I've put in the body (swimming, running, walking, crawling)
  15. How many times I've cooked
  16. How many minutes I've spent in a classroom
  17. How many minutes I've had music playing
  18. How many movies I've seen
  19. How many times I've made myself laugh / laughed out loud when I was alone thinking of something funny
  20. How many minutes / games of soccer I played
  21. How many dogs I've pet
  22. How many cups of coffee I drank
  23. How much wine I've consumed
  24. The amount of times I've eaten at Taco Bell
    It's a guilty pleasure
  25. How many times I've watched a Batman movie / show