these are a few of my favorite shows
  1. Gotham
    Beyond a batman origins story, we get to see how everyone came about.
  2. Supergirl
    My favorite heroine who's finally being taken seriously.
  3. The Flash
    Who doesn't enjoy the fastest man alive
  4. The Leftovers
    it's currently on season 3 and I still don't fully understand what's going on. Nobody does. At least we've established it's about religion.. I think. Season 1 finale made me cry cry cry
  5. Game of Thrones
    I can probably only name a handful of characters - no, I've never read the books - but I love the cinematography and the story line. Character development is also brilliant.
  6. Daredevil
    season 1 was FANtastic
  7. House of Cards
    Both leading actors are phenomenal and leave me convinced they're not acting at the end of every episode
  8. Bob's Burgers
    Every character slays me.
  9. Jeopardy!
    Because Trebek can be such a savage at times and it's really fun becoming a cheerleader for contestants you want to see last a long time. And who doesn't like getting an answer right before anyone else (contestants included)
  10. The Walking Dead
    even with their one or two exhilarating episodes per season making the rest of it slow, they still have me hooked. In fact, I go SUPER fanboy over it watching Talking Dead and then YouTube clips of people breaking it down. Learning about the gentle, easily missed things in the show that were purposeful make it 100x better.
  11. Girls
    series just finished but damn it do I miss them
  12. Real Time with Bill Mahr
    fucking hilarious. Keeps me up to date on things that I actually care about while presenting it in the most honest way. His guests are educated and know what they're talking about. If he calls bullshit, and he will, you will more than likely come close to spitting out your drink from laughing too hard
  13. Last Week With John Oliver
    Honestly, the more I watch him the less I enjoy the show. When he's on, he's on. But, when he tries too hard it's a bit much. It's also incredibly repetitive. Not the information, and Trump jokes never get old but the set up of it all. Report on something crazy, figure out how to say "fuck" as much as he can, then show clips of news coverage doing or saying something over and over again THEN keeps his audience by bashing the hell out of something. I see your tricks John, I see your tricks.
  14. Dragon Ball Super
    Childhood returned and upgraded to me in my adult-life and I couldn't be happier about it.
  15. Naruto
    Will always be a fan.
  16. Boruto
    Didn't want to get into it but I watched the first 2 mins and .. sonofabitch, they got me.
  17. The Office
    For the last 5 years I've fallen asleep to it every single night. Unless I sleep out, you bet your ass I'm watching it. Once I put the opening title on my Snapchat (and I do) that means I am no longer available.. unless I want to respond to you.
  18. Chef's Table
    Netflix Original. Pure class and elegance.
  19. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    I actually see myself and my closest buds in the way these characters are portrayed. Nostalgic feeling when I watch making me miss Philly
  20. Sherlock
    🎩 🔍