inspired from another li.ster whose name I've forgotten. it's brilliant and the most accurate posting I've seen on this site. - this is the love that I wish upon myself. if you can't read this entire just read the first few, get the message, then skip to the end. OR look for the ones I starred
  1. It doesn't have to make sense to make sense
  2. Wanting to do anything and everything in your life with that person and regretting not finding her before ⭐
  3. Being weak with her
  4. Not really caring about the world as long as you're together
  5. Sacrifices
  6. Every moment without her feels like hell. Yet, you take in those moments because you know she'll be there when you get back
  7. Seeing yourself in her
  8. Taking a bullet for her
  9. See the world in her eyes
  10. Feels like freedom
  11. Understanding each other without even speaking
  12. She feels like home and smells like love
  13. Her scent is intoxicating and explodes every cell in your blood and bones⭐
  14. Feel special, wanted, desired, satisfied, committed. The person shouldn't make you feel whole. You should be whole on your own.
  15. You don't have a problem dying as long as you're with her
  16. She is your number one priority
  17. Her problems are your problems
  18. You make the impossible to make her smile
  19. Her orgasm is more important than yours⭐
  20. You feel safe with her
  21. She is your escape
  22. Every time you look at her you can't imagine how you got so lucky and you thank the universe for bringing such an amazing human in your life⭐
  23. The sound of her laughter and that angled rise in her mouth when she smiles is your painkiller
  24. You don't need to cheat on her and by cheat I mean even look at other women
  25. You could walk with her forever
  26. You give her everything you have without making sure she even wants it
  27. You never knew you were addicted until you try to stop loving her⭐
  28. Your mind is crowded and can't think of anything until she touches you and then it's all becomes crystal clear
  29. If she loves you, you don't care if anyone else hates you
  30. She is exactly the book you've wanted to write⭐
  31. You listen to her silence until she falls asleep
  32. You tell each other everything
  33. She hugs the pain out of you
  34. You tell strangers about her ⭐
  35. Being with her is the most beautiful dream you've ever had and you don't want to wake up
  36. She runs in your veins
  37. No one can replace her
  38. You'll continue to love her no matter what
  39. She's the prettiest hell you have ever been in. You don't mind burning at all.⭐
  40. She never looked nice. She looked like art, art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something ⭐⭐
  41. When your eyes meet everything stops and implodes at the same time
  42. You breathe her in to live
  43. You have your life figured out when you're with her⭐
  44. She has the key to your heart
  45. You change some of your interests, habits, and yourself to fit in with her in somethings in life
  46. Your life wasn't the same before the second you met her. Literally, in that second you know everything is about to make that change you've been waiting for.⭐
  47. It breaks math rules where in love 1+1=1
  48. She's the universe and everyone / everything else is the stars and the planets
  49. She doesn't just tolerate your quirks...but actually kinda likes them? ⭐
  50. You drown in the ocean of her eyes
  51. Sometimes love means taking a step back. If you care about somebody, you should want them to be happy even if you wind up being left out. ⭐⭐⭐