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I went to Moab. I glamped. I took pictures.
Because you know, I work there. Admittedly, I haven't seen everything. I left out stand up and (most) documentaries. What are some of your favorite? EDIT: Just watched Stranger Things again, its now bumped up to #2
  1. 15.
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Season One was amazing. Season Two, the novelty wore off for me.
  2. 14.
    Wet Hot American Summer First Day Of Camp
    If you loved the movie you're gonna love this. If you didn't see the movie, watch the movie first.
  3. 13.
    The Seven Deadly Sins
    An anime about seven legendary knights framed for crimes they didn't commit.
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After all the traveling in Japan we spent one more week in Bali surfing and relaxing. We stayed in Uluwatu and for the most part stayed around that area
  1. The paddle out for Uluwatu
  2. A closer view.
  3. While Allie was doing this...
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Because you know, I'm 6'3
  1. This shower
  2. This door
  3. This bike
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Nara was the big surprise of the trip. I was expecting a lot of deer, what I wasn't expecting were some of the most breathtaking temples I've ever seen. Enjoy.
  1. The land of temples and deer.
  2. He...
  3. ...took...
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Kyoto is an amazing city. There's tons of history since it was the capital of Japan for a while. It's loaded with temples, shrines, good food and geisha. We actually stayed in the district that was known for geisha (I didn't know this until Allie told me that's why she picked that Airbnb, ha). Photos are brought to you in part by the color orange.
  1. The street out Airbnb was on.
  2. Real story, first day in Kyoto this caught the corner of my eye and I thought for a second it was a real panda.
  3. Our room!
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Hiroshima is an amazing city. If you set aside the reason why everyone knows it's name, it's a super unique city that stands on its own merits. Add in the fact that it was nuked in war and has since dedicated itself to peace and nuclear disarmament, you get one of the most powerful and special experiences I've had in my life.
  1. View from our Airbnb.
  2. Our host left us two bicycles to get around the city with. Which made exploring much more fun. As you can see though I'm a little too big for mine.
  3. Hiroshima Peace Park memorial. See that dome off in the distance?
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Apologies for the long time without posting. I was going to keep a photo journal of my trip, but in heat of vacation I never got around to it. When I got home for some weird reason I couldn't open or delete the list app for weeks. Then the other day began working again. So I figured I'd break my trip down to cities we visited. Up first: Tokyo.
  1. Checked out Tokyo Tower
  2. Top of the Tokyo Tower
  3. Did touristy shit in Tokyo Tower
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Early morning airport ramblings
  1. I'm pumped. I've never been to either country before and have really wanted to go to both for different reasons.
  2. My girlfriend and I are spending 2 weeks in Japan and then another week in Bali.
  3. She's actually already out there.
    She just graduated from Nursing school and has been doing an extended study program out there with a sister school.
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We'll see how this goes.
  1. The universe wasn't created in 6 days
    More like 13.7 billion years. It's like a kick in the bucket for God anyways so I don't know why Christians get carried away with trying to disprove evolution. The Bible isn't a science book people.
  2. It's okay not knowing everything
    "I don't know" is a good thing. It means your a human being who can't possibly know everything. "Can you discover the depths of God? Can you discover the limits of the Almighty?" -Job 11:7 No you can't.
  3. Gay marriage a-okay
    Ever hear the saying "Love the sinner, hate the sin?" Well I hate that saying. A lot. That line of thinking teaches young Christians to be way too focused on the "Sin" that they forget how to "Love." How can something biological (sexual orientation) even be a "sin." Maybe promiscuity is a sin, but not your orientation. On that note ...
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