Indonesia Trip: Bali

After all the traveling in Japan we spent one more week in Bali surfing and relaxing. We stayed in Uluwatu and for the most part stayed around that area
  1. The paddle out for Uluwatu
  2. A closer view.
  3. While Allie was doing this...
  4. ...I was doing this.
  5. Night party.
  6. Which way is the beach?
  7. At the Uluwatu Temple
  8. Temple Guard on duty.
  9. Another Temple Guard.
  10. View from Uluwatu temple
  11. Sunrise surf check.
  12. That way.
  13. Buckled a board out at a spot called Bingin Beach.
  14. Bingin Beach (much smaller day)
  15. Padang Padang.
    When there is swell, this surf spot is EPIC. As you can see, when we were there, it wasn't.
  16. We read a lot.
  17. Our final sunset.
  18. X marks the spot
  19. Thank You
    If you stuck through my entire trip, thanks for tuning in. I have a couple other list ideas in the works. What would you like to see me post about?