Japan Part 1: Tokyo

Apologies for the long time without posting. I was going to keep a photo journal of my trip, but in heat of vacation I never got around to it. When I got home for some weird reason I couldn't open or delete the list app for weeks. Then the other day began working again. So I figured I'd break my trip down to cities we visited. Up first: Tokyo.
  1. Checked out Tokyo Tower
  2. Top of the Tokyo Tower
  3. Did touristy shit in Tokyo Tower
  4. Went to Disneyland Tokyo ...
  5. ... It was awesome...
  6. ...very awesome.
  7. Tried Okonomiyaki for the first time. It was amazing.
  8. Ate a lot of ramen.
  9. Found an insane burger joint.
  10. Koi ponds at the Imperial Palace
  11. Giant beaked crows overrunning every park.
  12. Strutting around the Imperial Palace
  13. Wall at the imperial palace
  14. On her way to the RNC
  15. Drank whiskey at the bar in Lost In Translation
  16. Got weird in the Roppongi district
  17. Found a tiny cocktail bar there
  18. Did the Shibuya Crossing shuffle a few times.
  19. Took trains everywhere. They're very efficient!
  20. Got weird packing. Tomorrow's post: Hiroshima