Japan Part 2: Hiroshima

Hiroshima is an amazing city. If you set aside the reason why everyone knows it's name, it's a super unique city that stands on its own merits. Add in the fact that it was nuked in war and has since dedicated itself to peace and nuclear disarmament, you get one of the most powerful and special experiences I've had in my life.
  1. View from our Airbnb.
  2. Our host left us two bicycles to get around the city with. Which made exploring much more fun. As you can see though I'm a little too big for mine.
  3. Hiroshima Peace Park memorial. See that dome off in the distance?
  4. The Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial hall. Renamed The A-bomb Dome after the bombing. It stands at the focal point for the peace park and also stands at almost the epicenter of the dedication.
  5. Another angle during sunset.
  6. I think this was the peace bell?
  7. Where you ring it, the wood meets the atomic symbol.
  8. Counting the days.
  9. Part of some stair steps of the front of a building. The black is where someone was sitting at the time of the blast.
  10. Hours after the blast, the ash and smoke met the clouds and caused black radioactive rain that poured on survivors.
  11. I'll let you figure what the red sphere represents.
  12. A rebuild palace/guard building. The original was destroyed during the bombing.
  13. Koi and Turtles in the moat!
  14. The one of the squares of the palace now houses a weekly performance of these guys. They're like a samurai boy band?
  15. Our friend Allison practicing their sweet moves from a distance.
  16. More Okonomiyaki!
  17. And even more Okonomiyaki. You gotta have it if you visit Japan. Especially Hiroshima.
  18. Mehh
  19. The ferry to Mia Jima. Jima is Japanese for Island.
  20. The gate.
  21. The photo opp.
  22. The gate low tide. Big swing huh?
  23. An Inari Shrine
  24. Lots of deer on the island.
  25. These kids asked for my autograph, wanted to take pictures with me, and we're asking me questions about my trip.
  26. We found an owl cafe and were pretty excited until we saw ...
  27. ...them all chained to branches and in cramped quarters. It was pretty sad.
  28. More koi.
  29. More deer.
  30. Top of the mountain.
  31. Dat view.
  32. The Eternal Flame has been burning for 1200 years... So they say.
  33. Bam!
  34. The day we left Hiroshima it decided to rain. A lot.
  35. This sums up Hiroshima pretty well. Tomorrows update: Kyoto.