Japan Part 3: Kyoto

Kyoto is an amazing city. There's tons of history since it was the capital of Japan for a while. It's loaded with temples, shrines, good food and geisha. We actually stayed in the district that was known for geisha (I didn't know this until Allie told me that's why she picked that Airbnb, ha). Photos are brought to you in part by the color orange.
  1. The street out Airbnb was on.
  2. Real story, first day in Kyoto this caught the corner of my eye and I thought for a second it was a real panda.
  3. Our room!
  4. Some narrow streets.
  5. We found the most delicious local Gyoza place.
    We sat next to a local who taught us how to properly order 1-5 beers. His English was bad, my Japanese was bad, he spoke a little Portuguese, I speak a little Spanish. We made it work.
  6. This was called Chicken Wing Gyoza. Imagine a boneless chicken wing stuffed with filling. Yeah it was amazing.
  7. Found a great cocktail bar.
  8. Here's the entrance/beginning of the Fushimi Inari Taisha. A hike up the mountain under 10,000+ wooden gates. It was way crowded this day but, we tried to pretend with our photos that it wasn't.
  9. Not a single person in frame. Success!
  10. Trying for that uncrowded shot ... Impossible.
  11. Natural selection will sort this one out.
  12. Shrines, shrines, shrines
  13. Shrines and gates. Gates and shrines.
  14. Simulating an uncrowded day.
  15. This rock has some sort of significance... I forgot what it was though.
  16. The messenger fox
  17. We found this little buddy too.
  18. Another fox. Foxes everywhere.
  19. So many steps.
  20. I dig this shot
  21. After the hike through he gates, at the very end there were soooo many food vendors.
  22. On the way to some temple.
  23. Kinkaku-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Zen Buddhist temple. Fun fact: the original was burnt down in the early 1900s by a mentally unstable monk.
  24. Totally candid shot.
  25. Old old drainage system.
  26. Amazing area with narrow streets and lots of food.
  27. We found a sweet rock n roll bar.
  28. Drinking whiskey and looking at band posters
  29. The bartender/owner
  30. Another bar we found.
  31. A working Geisha.
  32. We really wanted to go to this bar :(
  33. Hope you enjoyed today. Tomorrow Part 4: Nara