Things I learned going to the skatepark for the first time in 10 years.

I'm 29. When I was younger all I used to do was Surf, skate and play baseball. Of the 3 I still surf ... A lot. A couple friends and I have started skating more, mostly in the work parking lot. I worked up the courage to go to a skatepark (early in the morning to escape judgment) this is what I (re)learned.
  1. Falling hurts
  2. Relearning tricks takes practice
  3. and practice
  4. And more practice
  5. Until you finally land it.
  6. ...twice.
    Explosion is a must.
  7. (Re) Learning fundamentals are super important.
    Like all things once you nail these, you can build off and be confident in difficult tricks. Also I have a sore foot and bruised pride reminding me afterwards.
  8. Coping on bowls is intimidating.
  9. Pads still aren't cool. But my elbow would like one.
  10. Going early means you can be terrible with no one to watch/judge you.
  11. Scooters are the new rollerblades
    Skaters think they're uncool, little kids love them.
  12. You're never too old to stop doing fun shit.