Top fast food places that are my weak thing (Ranked)

So you just got home and you’re too tired to cook. Maybe you’re on a long road trip and need some food. You’re waiting for your flight. Sometimes there are moments in life where you need to just say “fuck it” and give into you food lust and dive face first into some greasy guilt. These are my top go-to’s when giving in and my typical orders.
  1. 5.
    Dell Taco - Chicken Quesadilla/Chicken Soft Taco
    The Dirty Dell doesn’t get as much love as it should but my God have you had their chicken soft tacos? It’s chicken, cheese, lettuce, and that glorious white sauce. Makes me want to much 3 right now just thinking about it. Their chicken quesadillas are amazing in their own right and just taste like straight nostalgia to me.
  2. 4.
    McDonalds - Big Mac and Fries/Sausage McMuffin
    Everyone Loves McDonalds right? It’s the staple of American fast food. When you just say the word fast food I bet the golden arches come to mind for many. It’s not the greatest burger but sometimes its tough to beat the classic Big Mac. And those fries, tell me a place that has better fries than McDonalds, and I will tell you you are wrong. Fun fact, the McDonalds in my area growing up sold a “Bucket O’ Fries.” Nommmmmmm
  3. 3.
    Jack in the Box - Sausage Croissant Combo/Ultimate Cheese Burger
    When first constructing this list, I thought this would be numero uno, and it probably would have been 6 years ago, but apparently my taste for shit food have evolved. In many ways Jack in the Box has been ahead of its time for a while. They have a huge menu (did you know you can order egg rolls there), and they’ve been serving all day breakfast FOREVER. In my most humble opinion the sausage croissant combo is king. Pro Tip: take the hashbrown and place it inside your sandwich.
  4. 2.
    Taco Bell - Chalupa/Chicken Quesadillas
    I’ve had a co worker tell me they’ve never had Taco Bell and I was both shocked and appalled. This is hands down my go to food when I am driving in the middle of nowhere on the I-5 and need a pit stop. Everyone has their go to here. My girlfriends is a Chalupa and a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Mine is a Chalupa and a Chicken Quesadilla. See a theme? The Chalupa is the pinnacle of what Taco bell is capable of and what ties it all together is that flakey buttery shell. Damn
  5. 1.
    Little Caesars - Pepperoni Deep Deep Dish Pizza w/ Cheesy Bread, both with Extra Cheese.
    What? Little Caesars? Yes, and Little Caesars is the shit! Maybe it’s not your standard fast food joint, but it is hands down’t my number 1 weak thing. It’s been months since I’ve been (been getting in shape), that next time I cave in will be epic. Little Caesars uses a mozzarella/muenster cheese blend, it is a beautiful marriage of cheesy gooeyness. Add the fact that they also have buffalo ranch sauce and it’s game over for me; I’m settling into a night of movies and Colorado based activities.