1. I ran a marathon
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    2014. Ran a 3:43. Plan to run another one this spring. The picture accurately sums up the experience
  2. I am a collegiate triathlete
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    I've done like 9 races I think. However, I have only done "sprint" triathlons--which are a 1/4 of a mile swim, 12-15ish bike ride, and a 5k. I did my first one in the summer before my senior year of high school, which pissed off my football coach because he thought I was going to lose a bunch of weight (which I did NOT, actually)
  3. I've run 7 half marathons and a bunch of 5/10k's
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    My best time was my first. 1:28 at age 18. Have not run anything sub-1:30 since
  4. +70 Mile Mountain bike ride from Flagstaff, Arizona to the Grand Canyon (for charity)
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    Took like 6 hours. Possibly the hardest single physical feat I have ever done. I trained for like 3 months on my road bike but wasn't at all prepared for the terrain. The elevation change was nuts. I did it with my friend and he was basically using a Toys R Us-quality bike. It was sponsored by Fat Tire and we got to camp at the Grand canyon
  5. I've done a bunch of douche bag Spartan Races/mud runs
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    Like every tool on your Facebook newsfeed
  6. Oxford Rugby
    I did an exchange program at Oxford in the spring and practiced with the Keble College rugby team. I did not play in any games but I practiced with them and it was really cool.
  7. My undergraduate thesis
    I'm writing my undergrad creative writing thesis (fiction) on student athletes
  8. I tutor student-athletes
  9. My brother plays football for SUNY Buffalo
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    He's the shit
  10. My dad played hockey at UVM and transferred to RIT
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    This picture is him as a fucking FRESHMAN