James Bond is an eternal character. Here's who I think played him best.
  1. Daniel Craig
    Craig's Bond is by far the closest to the books: gritty, flawed, and determined.
  2. Sean Connery
    The original Czar of cool. He brought a suave to the role that's stuck around ever since.
  3. Pierce Brosnan
    Perhaps some of the most over the top movies, Brosnan actually nailed what was asked of him and the films fit the time period perfectly. He feels perhaps the most unstoppable of all the Bonds. This movies are a lot of fun.
  4. Roger Moore
    The goofiest Bond, Moore has perhaps too many jokes but is part of some fantastic movies.
  5. Timothy Dalton
    Only around for two movies, he is possibly the most varied actor to field the role.
  6. George Lazenby
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service...ugh.