My favorite places to eat.
  1. Diamondback Grill
    A hidden gem in Sonora CA. The Diamondback nails ambiance, and fantastic burgers.
  2. Hapa Sushi
    An unbeatable sushi joint in Denver. It can convert anyone into a sushi obsessive.
  3. Toro Bravo
    My favorite food, tapas, in glorious display in good old Portland. Always order the patatas bravas.
  4. Buster's Original Southern BBQ
    Incredible tri-tip sandwiches with legitimately hot sauce. The best bbq I've ever had.
  5. Kokoro
    Japanese done right in Denver. I hadn't realized how much I loved it until i noticed it's a must for every time I visit the city.
  6. Chipotle
    An honorable mention because it is actually a chain. I grew up 5 mins from the original location and haven't looked back. Hands down the best, healthiest, and most ethical fast food found in many places around the country.