Today I attended British Polo Day, an event that celebrates "luxury British heritage" by holding charity polo events around the world (LA, Dubai, Singapore, Marrakesh, and more). It's a few hundred dollars per ticket, but I was invited to go as press...and I took @Nicholas @carolinek and @gab with me. Here are just a few things I overheard
  1. "Now that I breast feed I work out twice a day."
  2. "And I said, so Sir John, welcome to the upstairs."
    Guy talking about taking whoever "Sir John" is on a tour of his Bel Air mansion.
  3. "I like your Prada tennis shoes, those are cute."
  4. "I went to Ibiza and I just didn't leave."
    Ibiza is pretty great.
  5. "My boobs are cold."
  6. "What's going on?"
    No one knew.
  7. "90% of you come for the champagne, 10% for the polo, and 100% to post a photo of yourselves at a polo match on Instagram"
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    The announcer literally said this, to everyone at the event. And he was 100% right.
  8. Also, "$60,000 was raised for Homeboy Industries" a great LA charity.
    So say whatever you want to say, this was an awesome day!