A few of my favorites...so far.
  1. A sex therapist in her 70s
    An amazing person w/ one of the warmest souls I've ever encountered. In the hour we spoke before landing she told me about her work, about the karma sutra and the workshops she's run for decades on the practice, and about the tragic loss of her son to AIDS in the 80s. She spoke about the difference between making love and fucking (she literally said "fucking" on a plane and didn't whisper it). It was weird how comfortable we were with each other right away (but I liked it).
  2. A guy who entered a bunker, Kimmy Schmidt style, in 1995 and JUST emerged before getting on the plane
    This is just a guess, because 1) I plugged my laptop into the power outlet at my seat, he looked at the chord and asked "is that how you get the Internet?" 2) He pulled out a cassette player and a stack of tapes to listen to his jams. 3) When we landed at JFK, he turned to me and asked "do you think they'll have EarthLink in New York?" I assured him they would. 100% truth.
  3. Dave Grohl
    Ok fine, he was sitting right in front of me with his family, so we never spoke. We waited next to each other at baggage claim while he waited for the guitar he checked to come out. Rock Stars are people to.
  4. A girl
    Just kidding, I've never sat next to a girl around my age. I exclusively get sat next to large old men. It's my cross to bear.
  5. This woman who slept on me
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    She didn't say much, but she liked vodka and cuddling (which I appreciate).