Photos I've Taken From Airplane Windows

Head in the clouds, feet...also in the clouds. That's my motto.
  1. Cotton candy sky
    I want to eat those clouds.
  2. Heading east
  3. Heading west
  4. Can't beat the view
  5. My favorite place and time
  6. Michigan
    And a heart-shaped lake
  7. Sunset
    It was dark and grey on the ground in LA, but above the clouds, this...
  8. Chicago
    Only in the summer though.
  9. Los Angeles
    So lush and green.
  10. Pink Great Lakes
    Suggested by   @sally
  11. LA
    Suggested by   @bobbyhundreds
  12. En route to Park City, but I think this must be the Colorado River??
    Suggested by   @Suzanne
  13. Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii, with mauna lei: the "lei" of clouds that rests on the side of the mountain. Homecoming.
    Suggested by   @lilydiamond
  14. Flying over Texas --thunderheads!
    Suggested by   @ouizoid
  15. Flying over Jackson Hole, WY
    Suggested by   @rachelleigh
  16. Flying over the Swiss Alps
    Suggested by   @Chip
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