My favorite hikes in the LA area + where to eat before or after.
  1. Paseo Miramar Trail - Pacific Palisades
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    An incredible and easy to get to trail (right before Sunset hits the PCH there's a road called Paseo Miramar, take that to the very top. Google map "Paseo Miramar Trailhead"). EAT: Gladstone's. It's right on the beach and 1 minute from the bottom of Paseo Miramar. Get a beer and snag a two person table which are kind of hidden on the narrow deck off the indoor portion of the restaurant (secret: you don't have to wait in the main line to get these tables as they're technically part of the bar).
  2. Musch Trail - Topanga Canyon State Park
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    This place is incredible. Hike Musch Trail (start near Musch Camp - find it on Google Maps) and take that to Backbone Trail until you reach Eagle Rock, a massive rock/cliff with incredible views. Lay out a blanket and chill out for a bit. Hike back the way you came. EAT: Froggy's. No lie, this place is home to the best fish n chips I've ever had. It's also one of the coolest/off the beaten path restaurants in the LA area.
  3. Stough Canyon Nature Center - Burbank
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    I'd call this LA area's #1 hiking hidden gem. There's barely ever anyone here, even on weekends, and the views are huge (the entire valley, downtown, inland mountains, and the ocean on clear days). The trails go on for miles and miles and you can get to a higher elevation here compared to any other hike in the immediate LA area. EAT: Moore's Deli. Intelligentcia Coffee and a pretty good breakfast burrito (get all the meats in it, they don't charge extra) and pancakes.
  4. Charmlee Wilderness Park - Malibu
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    Probably more of a walk than a hike, the trails here ramble over the rolling hills of Malibu high above the Pacific Ocean. When you're done, a few canyons over, you'll find Malibu Wines (an outdoor wine tasting room) - stop there to relax and drink. EAT: a few options. Pack a picnic to eat at Malibu Wines. Dine beachside at Paradise Cove (I don't care that it's kind of touristy). Or grab fish tacos at Fish Grill as you cruise back to LA on the PCH.
  5. Griffith Park - Hollywood/Los Feliz/LA
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    If you're looking for a good hike RIGHT in the city, Griffith Park is your spot. Park on Fern Dell Drive, grab a coffee and a scone from The Trails Cafe (a rustic walk-up/order at the window joint), hike up to the observatory, then on to the summit on the Mt. Hollywood Hiking Trail. I actually just started a little hiking tour operation here. Details at: EAT: Home or Alcove. Both are great breakfast/brunch spots to hit up after your hike.
  6. Devil's Backbone Trail at Mt. Baldy
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    Mt. Baldy is an hour(ish) from LA but it's 1000% worth driving to if you're really into hiking. The summit is over 10,000 feet, it'll probably take you 6+ hours to complete, and you may even see some big horn sheep (this is the closest REAL wilderness to LA). Really, it's Eden. I wrote about it/made a video/took a bunch of photos here: EAT: Mt. Baldy Lodge. A rustic little spot with a pool table. Recuperate with a burger and a beer.
  7. Honorable Mention: Temescal Canyon Loop - Pacific Palisades
    Take Temescal Canyon Trail to Temescal Ridge Trail to do a loop. I like that most of the trail shaded...and when there's water (which in California is apparently never) there's a small waterfall.
  8. What are your favorite LA hikes?