Things I ❤️ About New Jersey

This is not a parody list...I actually love New Jersey (I lived there from 0-18 and go back regularly). There does not appear to be a large contingent of NJ-based List Appers yet...but if you feel me and love yourself some Jersey, let me know!
  1. 1) Taylor Ham
    Also known as pork roll. Taylor ham is a thin salty piece of meat you brown in a pan and put on egg sandwiches. It IS New Jersey (although it has infiltrated Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New York/NYC, and oddly enough, some parts of Delaware...maybe because lots of Jersey kids go to U Del??)
  2. This is a Taylor Ham egg and cheese beagle sandwich.
    No joke, THIS is my most liked Facebook photo OF ALL TIME (a photo of a sandwich). I'm not kidding when I say New Jerseyians love Taylor Ham.
  3. Here is another photo of a Taylor Ham egg and cheese sandwich I made.
    Bow down.
  4. 2) Bagels
    Speaking of bagels...I don't know why people think of NY when they think of bagels. I guarantee you the bagels are better in NJ.
  5. Here's a photo of a bagel to prove it.
    Behold, the Cinnamon French Toast bagel. The state's best bagel shop (like, actually voted the best) is in my hometown. I can't tell you how many of these I ate in high school.
  6. 3) New Jersey isn't how it's portrayed in the's actually really beautiful.
    Landing at Newark Airport, which is surrounded by mostly industrial areas, doesn't really give you the best idea of the state. NJ is beautiful, green, and full of lakes and nature (my country slogan, painted on the sign welcoming you to the county is, "People and Nature Together).
  7. Exhibit A
    My hometown
  8. Exhibit B
    Hiking. Almost stepped on a large, venomous rattlesnake and encountered 2 black bears on this hike...told you NJ is full of nature.
  9. Exhibit C
    Produce! NJ is FULL of corn fields. Then there's our famous tomatoes, and a bunch of places to pick pumpkins from the vine in fall. It's called "the garden state" for a reason.
  10. 4) The people are nice...and normal.
    I've never personally encountered anyone like the characters of Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of New Jersey.
  11. 5) Its close to New York City.
    Growing up with one of the most exciting cities in the world at your doorstep was a lot of fun, especially in high school when we could finally go in unsupervised.