Inspired by @lilydiamond's list "things men say on tinder that make me exceedingly nervous." Really, women have it way worse when it come to Tinder (I'm so sorry...most guys should not have unsupervised access to a keyboard) but here's the ladies edition.
  1. "Crossfitter"
    Makes me nervous when anyone says this.
  2. "Booze, tattoos, blunts"
    That's really not a problem, just letting you know right now you and my mom will probably not get along should this get serious.
  3. "Looking for my future x-husband"
  4. "Ask me anything I dare you"
    No dare needed, the creepy dudes on tinder will unfortunately ask you anything...unprompted.
  5. *close up boob shot* snapchat: cutie653_
    Made up that snapchat name to protect your identity.
  6. "Impress me"
    Do you want me to ride a unicycle and juggle flaming hula hoops?!?!
  7. "I once punched a giraffe"
  8. "1950s housewife with tomboy tendencies"
  9. "Outdoors, riding bikes, camping, campfires traveling, craft beer, beach, road tripping, house parties"
    Ok, actually, will you marry me?
  10. *selfie stick pic* w/ no bio
    Swipe left.
  11. "6'0 or taller please"
    What if the man of your dreams is 5'11?
  12. "Make me laugh"
    It seems that almost every girl demands that a guy makes her laugh. I've never seen a guy demand the same from a women. What the heck is up with that?!