Top 10 Photos of Edward Eddie Edwards (Part Deux)

Inspired by @carolinek's original list. I have spent A LOT of time with Prince Edward (that's what I call him).
  1. That head tilt.
    Before he knew what a camera looked like and became a professional model.
  2. 90% ears
  3. Hungry Eddie.
  4. Eddie's freshman 15.
    Seriously though, he got fat.
  5. Sending telepathic signals to the spaceship that left him on earth when he was a puppy.
  6. Case in point...alien.
  7. He can't.
  8. Working on his tan
  9. Recovering from a terrible twerking accident. Very embarrassed.
  10. This is not Eddie. It's a photo of a dense piece of ham...which is essential what Eddie is.
    I only had 9 photos on my phone...but for real have like 75 more on my computer.