I spent 1 and a half days alone in Rome (after a trip to write in Positano). Here's a play by play of my aloneness while in Rome:
  1. It was raining (like beautiful, movie scene rain) and I was the only person under my umbrella.
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    It was a warm, rainy, Sunday afternoon, and as I aimlessly wandered ancient streets, I listened to the sound of big, soft raindrops hitting my umbrella and the cobblestone streets around me. This is EXACTLY what every American wants when they're in a beautiful old European city.
  2. I ate gelato - alone.
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    At Gelateria del Teatro (write it down, 100% go when you're in Rome) and I wanted someone I could give my spoon to and talk about how incredible it was with.
  3. I ate dinner - alone.
    The waiter brought 2 menus and was confused when I said I only needed 1. Then he removed the other place setting so people passing by wouldn't think I was just temporarily alone while waiting for someone to join me, but was without a doubt, eating alone.
  4. I went to Trevi Fountain - alone.
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    A happy Chinese couple asked me to take their photo smiling in front of the fountain (since I wasn't busy kissing someone like EVERYONE else).
  5. I waited to meet a beautiful girl.
    After all, this is how the movie version of this story should play out.
  6. I walked the Spanish Steps - alone.
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    So I didn't meet a beautiful girl at the Trevi Fountain, maybe I'd have better luck at the Spanish Steps. Nope.
  7. I went back to my hotel room...and the couple in the room next door was having sex.
    And it was LOUD. I fell asleep to the sound of...I'll just call it "togetherness"
  8. The next morning at the airport I meet the girl of my dreams, I stayed in Rome, we got married, we live in an amazing apartment and we make fresh pasta daily.
    Just kidding that never happened (but for anyone adapting this into a romantic comedy script, there's your ending).
  9. Anyway...I wouldn't change this experience if given the chance!
    I think it's funny now. And I've done a lot of solo travel -- I think it's important to travel solo and experience the world without the comfort of someone familiar by your side. To really be alone in a foreign place is incredibly and oddly freeing...if you haven't traveled solo yet, I highly suggest you try it.
  10. I'd love to hear your travel stories
    If you're reading this, consider this a list request for your own travel story...a glimpse into one of your travel memories. I'll share another soon...like the time I was gifted a chicken!