A look back at an animation studio struggling to perpetuate its brand amidst innovative and competitive animation rivals.
  1. 18) Cars 2
    Bottom of the heap is the sequel nobody wanted. A clusterfuck when it came to character development, and supremely lazy storytelling reinforces the lowest RT score of any Pixar film to date.
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  3. 17) Cars 3
    Lol more revved-up trash. At least this one gets points for attempting to take a jab at sophisticated ideas regarding career reinvention and ageism, but more sloppy storytelling and tokenism in place of natural characters keeps it at the bottom.
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  5. 16) Monsters University
    Nothing particularly memorable here, and a lot of the college dynamics feel forced and familiar. It's fun getting to revisit Mike and Sully even though they don't feel as fresh as the original, but gets points for suggesting higher education isn't for everyone in a kids movie.
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  7. 15) The Good Dinosaur
    Did you know this was Pixar? I don't think most people do because it's the most low key title in their canon and equally forgettable. The visuals are spectacular, however, and the story is pleasant and fun enough to keep it above a few other titles.
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  9. 14) Brave
    Pixar takes a stab at princess and castles and it isn't the most satisfying attempt at royal storytelling. No genuine magic, only a woman turned into a bear. It would have been more interesting to have Leo pop in and square off against her but it was aight
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  11. 13) A Bug's Life
    Looking back this concept has so much potential. Life from the perspective of bugs? Wholly immersive. It clashed with Antz back in the day but that hasn't stopped it from being entirely successful at Disney's Animal Kingdom despite being a minor Pixar entry.
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  13. 12) Finding Dory
    I fucking loved this movie when I first saw it. Prolly bc finding nemo is such a solid movie and I had such high expectations, but coming down a year or so after it's release it proves to be a minor continuation of the classic original.
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  15. 11) Monsters, Inc.
    Couldn't crack the top ten bc idk I guess I didn't identify as much with this one when I was a kid. The story just isn't as strong as some of the others I've put higher and didn't particularly resonate with me in comparison. Still so good tho with a badass villain and final chase sequence.
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  17. 10) Cars
    This one prolly could have gone lower, I just really love the nostalgia of it and the world building john lasseter does when crafting the script and developing the characters. Radiator Springs feels like a real place and the locals feel even more so. Also Paul Newman
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  19. 9) WALL-E
    A love story between two robots was a stroke of genius for Pixar and could have very well been the second animated feature to have been up for best picture before Up. Somehow just didn't stick with me as well as others but still so subtle in its storytelling and beautiful to look at
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  21. 8) The Incredibles
    Family of superheroes was badass. I kept wanting to be Dash as a kid and fuck with everyone at school and I'm super stoked for the sequel. Helen Hunt, Sam Jackson, and co. are perfect voices to bring these characters to life.
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  23. 7) Toy Story 2
    The trifecta of perfection that is the toy story trilogy (there's a Fucking fourth one which may or may not be painful to watch) comes together beautifully with another beautifully animated adventure and also who doesn't love bullseye
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  25. 6) Up
    One of the most beautiful and emotionally manipulative opening prologues in film history leads into one of the most inventive and imaginative of the Pixar canon, even though the narrative drags a bit and the Boy Scout kind of gets on my nerves at times
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  27. 5) Toy Story
    The one that started it all. It kicked off an entire industry of sophisticated animated fare for adult audiences as well as for kids. It raised the bar and holds up really well. Had to put in top 5
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  29. 4) Inside Out
    Fuck this really got inside my head in the best possible way. All of the voices were perfectly cast and the design was just as how I would have envisioned my emotions in a transparent state. Would be interesting to consider how children perceive it bc as a child I would have been psychologically altered
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  31. 3) Ratatouille
    I was debating the whole time making this list where to put this and I couldn't put it any lower bc it's so damn charming dude. A rat cooks good food. It's so entertaining and meta I want to watch it right now. A part of me feels like adult audiences would like this even better than the kids.
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  33. 2) Toy Story 3
    The most emotionally manipulative of them all And i fucking loved every second. I was one of those who identified with andy on a spiritual level with the impending departure from home and those things that make us comfortable And safe for the reality of the real world but they're also always with you high key and it's just a wonderfully manipulative story of how much toys mean to your general well-being
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  35. 1) Finding Nemo
    Fuck me up Finding nemo is the shit and you may not have emotion if you don't agree. Just peep the poster
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