The very best of the best show on TV. *Spoilers Ahead
  1. 10) Baelor
    S1 E9: Ned makes a decision; Robb captures a prized prisoner; Daenerys finds her reign in jeopardy.
  2. It seemed fitting to include the first major turning point of the GOT universe on this list. The infamous beheading of Eddard Stark set everything we now know into motion. The pure shock factor jolted an emerging nation of fans into a reality that showrunners Benioff and Weiss were not afraid to kill off even the most beloved central character.
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  4. 9) Blackwater
    S2 E9: Tyrion and the Lannisters fight for their lives as Stannis' fleet attacks King's Landing.
  5. Aside from the grand scope of our first introduction to the horrific and badass use of Wildfire, the Battle of Blackwater was such a turning point in exploring the humanity of those elusive identities confined behind the walls of King's Landing. Cersei, Sansa, Tyrion, Joffrey, Davos, and Stannis were all written in their purest form.
    Wildfire tho
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  7. 8) The Mountain and the Viper
    S4 E8: Unexpected visitors arrive in Mole's Town; Littlefinger's motives are questioned; Ramsay tries to prove himself to his father; Tyrion's fate is decided.
  8. Two fucking words: Oberyn Martell. Arguably the most charismatic character ever introduced into the GOT canon, Martell couldn't have gone out in a way more fitting of himself. His charisma got the best of him, and it resulted in one of the more cringe-inducing but still satisfying GOT deaths ever captured: the tension was mounted so successfully.
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  10. 7) Hardhome
    S5 E8: Arya makes progress with her training; Sansa confronts an old friend; Cersei finds herself struggling; Jon travels.
  11. "Jon travels." What the fuck kinda description is that? A brilliant one. Jon faces his most complex task of convincing the wildlings to accompany him back to Castle Black, and what follows is arguably one of the most badass displays of Valerian steel I think we have ever seen up to this point. The best battle only behind that of the bastards.
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  13. 6) Mother's Mercy
    S5 E10: Stannis begins to march; Dany is surrounded by strangers; Cersei seeks forgiveness; Jon is challenged.
  14. Cersei finally gets what she deserves. Or does she really deserve it? So much in this episode dives into complex questions and alters the way every major character is viewed. As the game becomes more obscure, so do our judgements of the characters. This episode also has the most haunting ending of any episode of any season.
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    Couldn't help myself
  16. 5) The Rains of Castamere
    S3 E9: Robb presents himself to Walder Frey; Edmure meets his bride; Jon faces a harsh test; Bran discovers a new gift; Daario and Jorah debate; House Frey joins with House Tully.
  17. If you haven't seen YouTube reactions of fans watching the pivotal final scene, you really should. It's hilarious. I had to include this in the top 5 purely out of respect for the Stark house. I mean they really got fucked over, and those of us who hadn't read the books beforehand had no expectation of the well-executed horror that followed.
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    Still hoping for a Lady Stoneheart appearance
  19. 4) The Dance of Dragons
    S5 E9: Stannis faces a difficult decision; Jon returns to the Wall; Mace visits the Iron Bank; Arya encounters someone from her past; Dany oversees a celebration of athleticism.
  20. And what a celebration of athleticism it was. This episode brought one of the most legendary female warriors of pop culture into her own. Tbh I almost creamed my pants when Dany mounted that dragon. All of that time wandering around in the desert, dealing with Dothraki, jerking off in Qarth, and this episode proved where the character could go.
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  22. 3) Battle of the Bastards
    S6 E9: Daenerys and Tyrion discuss a plan; Jon Snow and his army prepare for a battle; Ramsay plays a game.
  23. The battle to end all battles. Purely from a production standpoint this episode is one of the most well executed scenes ever captured for television. From a storytelling perspective, it satisfies as well as surprises, and opens up a whole new chapter for Jon and Sansa to come into their own as true successors to house Stark. Winter fucking came.
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  25. 2) The Door
    S6 E5: Tyrion seeks a strange ally; Bran learns a great deal; Brienne goes on a mission; Arya gets a chance to prove herself.
  26. If Battle of the Bastards is the most epic in terms of pure action, The Door is the most epic in terms of pure emotion. One of the most beloved and misunderstood characters finally has his moment to shine and prove himself as one of the truest heroes in GOT lore. If you weren't shook in any way after watching this idk if u have a heart.
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  28. 1) The Winds of Winter
    S6 E10: Cersei executes a plan to deal with her enemies; Arya gets some long-awaited revenge; Jon Snow must make a difficult choice; Daenerys sets sail for Westeros.
  29. This list, if we're lucky, will get surpassed by 10 episodes that blow these out of the water from seasons 7 and 8. But so far, this episode is the most epic in terms of pure storytelling. A true penultimate chapter, The Winds of Winter sets-up beautifully what will be the finale of the main GOT storyline (thank god for spinoffs).
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