What June Looks Like In My Phone

June 2k17 hellz yiz
  1. Antelope Canyon
    Cool. Reminds me of a vagina
  2. The Neon Museum
    Resembles me arising from what was my spring semester
  3. Cadillac Ranch
    Cool but there were some rude individuals that yelled at people for getting into their photo for their new album cover and I do not wish them well
  4. Monument Valley
    Breathtaking except this encounter almost destroyed my vehicle
  5. Danny Trejo ft. Kimmy
    This is the cover of their new single check it on spinrilla
  6. Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Natalie took 100+ photos of Kimmy laying on the sidewalk next to a piss-stained star and it was only mildly annoying. Gotta love kimbo tho
    An excellent photo of ya boy posted up in front of a piece of h town history
  8. Rialto
  9. Angel's Flight
    Reopening July 4, has had more passengers than any railway in the world
  10. Walt Disney Concert Hall
    Almost crashed into a vehicle to get this photo
  11. City of Angels
  12. Griffith Observatory
  13. Friends!!!!
  14. Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. We are the WOAT
    New mixtape out, word on the street is that it's trash
  16. China
    A gem
  17. Who thought this was okay lmk
  18. Venice Beach
    I thought this was cool and I might get someone to paint this on my house
  19. Silver Dollar
  20. ARK
  21. LACMA "Life Begins"
  22. Jesus at LACMA
  23. LACMA
  24. LACMA
  25. LACMA
  26. Athens
    I miss my girl
  27. The Forbidden Forest
    Hopped in and took it for a spin, only got 4 parking tickets and 2 tows #success
  28. Hogwarts
    Me and all my closest muggles
  29. Platform 9 3/4
    This guy made me borderline uncomfortable
  30. The Great Hall
    We rode HP and the Forbidden Journey 20+ times
  31. Hogsmeade
  32. Idk
  33. 20th Century Fox
    Bruce Willis is still king motha fuckas
  34. Hermosa Beach
    Natalie and I may or may not have started our careers here prolly not but it was still cool
  35. Anaheim
    If you're interested in the film industry at all plz watch Beyond the Trailer on YouTube and #get #woke
  36. Warner Bros.
    In the words of Natalie Corbin, "ded"
  37. Stars Hollow
  38. Hufflepuff House
  39. Me walking through the HP portion of the WB museum
  40. Fuck
  41. Central Perk
    The WOAT are back
  42. FUCK
  43. FUUUCK
  44. Middle Earth
    I'm getting the opportunity to go see LOTR the original trilogy in theaters once more and I would not only like to thank god but also jesus