Things I'm throwing out to make myself a little less of a trash person for this school year. Alternatively titled: Winter is Coming
  1. Poor sleep schedule
    I find myself staying up late doing absolutely nothing. It is exhausting and I'm not here for it anymore.
  2. Poor study habits
    No more cramming too much material into two days of studying.
  3. Frenemies™
    No time for people who thrive off my shortcomings and don't really care about me.
  4. Late night McDonalds/ Taco Bell
  5. Poorly invested time
    Not going to be apart of something that doesn't benefit myself or others.
  6. Infrequent Workouts
    Gotta stay fit for health and sanity.
  7. Clutter
    Do I really need 5000000000000000 pens that don't work?
  8. Sweatpants
    I will not stand to look like a garbage pile this year.
  9. Shitty alcohol
    I'm not 18