Taylor and I are going to this. I've watched this movie once so we will see how this goes. I'm not well versed with this subculture either. Halloween is a strange time for me.
  1. Taylor and I are drinking beers out of coffee mugs.
  2. We were fashionably late.
  3. Popcorn was thrown at us.
  4. "Why is there a billboard in a cemetery?"
  5. Joel was too fearful to come.
    He didn't know who Tim Curry and Robin Williams is. (co-star in hook)
  6. Why is everything wet?
  7. A man with a light saber here.
  8. ALLYANCE is lit
  9. OMG Minnie Mouse super liked me on tinder.
    She's forever time warp Minnie Mouse.
  10. No one gets invited up to his lab but everyone is up there.
  11. Rocky is Joel.
  12. Taylor loves meatloaf
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  13. Someone just threw toilet paper and everyone applauded.
  14. The hot dog lines are speaking to me.
  15. Fat girl underwear
  16. Susan Sarandon was fine
    So fine
  17. We should've been high