Why do I torture myself with these people? For entertainment or do I truly hate myself?
  1. The coffee barista who has the worst spelling of all time.
    She spelled the word "conquered" as "concerned" the other day
  2. This girl I danced with at a party bc she likes Harry Potter but then I ran from her to sleep on a dryer.
    I found out later she was a trump supporter. Disregard my drunk ass.
  3. Trump people
  4. This guy who tried to sell me drugs in the forest.
    Very creepy social media presence
  5. Old roommate who is the worst.
  6. This blonde girl who is always raising awareness for something.
  7. Girl I went to high school with who thinks that she is a trailblazer when it comes to marriage. #marriedlife
    She also acts like she is from that TLC show about that pastor having 20 kids. Super culty
  8. This dude who is a part time motivational speaker who is way too positive to live in reality.
    His house has pictures of old white people saying motivational quotes and the quotes are superimposed onto the photos. No.
  9. Girl who moved to Colorado to ~find herself~ and brags about smoking weed everyday.
    She literally forced me to listen to a remix she made of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams". I would delete her but she will be back.
  10. My friend's boss who went door to door to fraternity houses selling cocaine.
    Yes, like a Girl Scout.