Going to embarrass myself in an attempt to persuade my friends to get the list app.
  1. Kissed my date at prom and immediately apologized.
  2. Pleated pants
  3. Wore the same orange shirt at least three times a week in the fourth grade
  4. Velcro wallet
  5. Broke in someone's house just to eat their applesauce.
  6. Cried at a pep rally.
  7. Lost at a pep rally and went home and made my own spirit stick. Friends were involved.
  8. Requested our senior song to be Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield.
    This also happened at a pep rally. Moral to the story: no pep rallies for me.
  9. Got too drunk at a bar in Tennessee.
    Puked in the women's restroom and vowed that I was going to sing Rod Stewart on the karaoke stage for our waitress.
  10. Eating a foot long corn dog in Gatlinburg.
  11. When I made a girl cry in band.
  12. The year I tried to pull off the emo look.
  13. The time I was taking a micro exam and sneezed in my hand.
    I was too afraid to ask to leave so I just kept the snot in my hand until the end of the exam.
  14. The time I thought the jumbo Chapstick was deodorant.
  15. When I wasn't exactly sure what type of band hootie and the blow fish was.
  16. When I tried to pull off the shaggy hair look.
    I wanted to look like Zach Efron but ended up looking like Zach from the Suite life of Zach and Cody.
  17. Was way too hype for red ribbon week. Circa 2005
  18. Pretended to be sick during Valentine's Day in elementary school because I couldn't handle the social pressure.
    I'm really not ashamed of this actually. Valentine's Day sucks young Trey was wise.