Most of the time I have chill. Sometimes I do not.
  1. The year I was on Accutane
    Acne medication I was on for a year that made me bat shit crazy.
  2. The time I told my whole family I was going to live in a dumpster instead of moving away.
  3. The time I yelled "DAMMIT!!" several times while playing a board game at Christmas.
    I was 10 at the time and didn't realize it was a "bad" word. That's kinda stupid though. Cuss words are really just words. Why are we so afraid of them?
  4. The time I sabotaged my roommate for having sex in our living room.
    Kinda don't regret this one ya nasty.
  5. The time I rubbed pizza down my cousin's shirt for hitting me in the face.
  6. The time I stole locker keys to sneak into a locker and read notes that people were passing in class.
    My mom is a teacher, this was the ultimate super power as a budding teenager. For the younger people, it's like getting access to everyone's text messages at school.
  7. The time I talked one of my friends into getting into a trash can.
  8. The time I tackled @rewdwartzs off the trampoline for hitting me in the face with a football.
  9. The time I got mad at everyone on senior trip for smoking.
    This was accutane fueled but to be fair the smoking was a little excessive because everyone has just turned 18.
  10. The time we talked one of my friends into crowd jumping off stage with no people.
  11. The time I sang "Gives You Hell" by All American Rejects at karaoke.
  12. The time I made a cross bow out of a multi-colored pen.
  13. The time I danced on a table at a Huddle House.