Just some ideas
  1. The time the whole eighth grade hated me because I put myself in the middle of a weed deal in a band locker.
  2. All the times I ran home after drinking.
  3. When I ordered Jimmy Johns outside a fire station in Lexington.
  4. When someone started a rumor that I had sex in the SAE dj booth.
  5. Skinny dipping
  6. The month I was looking into living in a dumpster.
  7. The time my floor got buttered.
  8. When my tongue turned black in Ecuador.
  9. The time I shot a beyblade into a girls hair.
  10. The time I sang "Brown Eyed Girl" to tweens making out on an elevator.
  11. The time I stole a "work phone" from a carnival cruise hostess.
  12. When I fell through a wall at a night club.
  13. When my friend dropped kicked a guy on the beach.
  14. The time I hit on a girl at a bar by explaining to her what epilepsy is.