Emojis are the best form of miscommunication
  1. •
    I love this emoji but just realized that there are two.
  2. •
    I believed that they were synonymous but that is not popular opinion.
  3. •
    😬 most people think this one is when things get awkward or weird.
  4. •
    😁 while this one is more flirty or a cute way to reply
  5. •
    I never realized that when I used 😬 I could be sending weird vibes and should be using 😁
    Or vice versa.
  6. •
    What else am I missing?
  7. •
    This sucks.
  8. •
    How are we to get anything done.
  9. •
    I need a translator.
  10. •
    Also they keep making more.
  11. •
    For what it's worth these are my favorite. 🐲🐉