Top 10 Characters in Peter Jackson's Tolkien Adaptations

My favorite characters from "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" trilogies. Don't ask where Frodo is because Frodo is just straight up annoying. @lydvick is next. Just missed out: Pippin, Faramir, Haldir, Éomer, and Bard.
  1. 10. Denethor, played by John Noble. Noble is in one of the strongest scenes in Jackson's films in which he almost burns his son Faramir alive. Denethor eating fruit and letting the juice run down his face is a classic LOTR image.
  2. 9. Éowyn, played by Miranda Otto. An interesting character from my favorite part of the Tolkien universe, Rohan. Otto says my second-favorite line to quote from these films: "I am no man."
  3. 8. Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom. Definitely a fan favorite. Bloom is really just okay in this role but the character is too cool and has the best action sequences in both trilogies.
  4. 7. Gimli, played by John Rhys-Davies. Another fan favorite who is welcome comic relief from Frodo and Sam's slog. Gimli is one of few non-idiot dwarves in Jackson's films.
  5. 6. Boromir, played by Sean Bean. A great, conflicted character. Bean's presence raises the level of "The Fellowship of the Ring" and his now infamous death really pays off in large part to Bean's performance. No meme here.
  6. 5. Théoden, played by Bernard Hill. Yes, that guy. From possessed evil King to heroic warrior, Théoden's arc is one of the most well-executed in the series. But mainly he is here because he says my favorite line to quote from any of the films: "My body is broken." Don't ask me why.
  7. 4. Galadriel, played by Cate Blanchett. As one of the best actors of our time, Blanchett's presence in LOTR and especially "The Hobbit" movies instantly raises the level of the films. Plus, Galadriel is just gorgeous.
  8. 3. Aragorn, played by Viggo Mortensen. It's hard to imagine "Lord of the Rings" without Viggo Mortensen. He's just so fearless while the world is seemingly falling apart. Along with McKellen, the casting of Mortensen as Aragorn is key to the success of the original trilogy.
  9. 2. Gandalf, played by Ian McKellen. The role Ian McKellen will forever be remembered for, and for good reason. Gandalf is there to save the day at crucial moments throughout the films. McKellen is so so good and it is hard to imagine anyone else playing the role.
  10. 1. Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman. Bilbo in "The Hobbit" movies is my number one because without Freeman's excellent performance those films would have really suffered. I actually think Freeman should have gotten more screen time. His comic timing is terrific and he pulls off the more dramatic scenes with ease.