Secret obsessions of a former Survivor contestant
  1. Cops
    True reality TV....people really are that stupid in real life...why no sir, I have no idea how that crack got up my butt
  2. Survivor
    I was there, season 6. It simultaneously sucked and was awesome...and then sucked.
  3. Naked and Afraid
    I could totally do this but for the naked thing. Tarzan clothing would be sufficient...
  4. Top Chef / Hells Kitchen / Chopped
    I love everything cooking. Been to exactly one showing of Hells Kitchen. Yes, Gordon Ramsey is totally hot.
  5. Deadliest Catch
    Early seasons only with the Captain of the Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit and Northwestern.
  6. Biggest Loser
    I'll admit I enjoy watching the struggle and the conquering. I cannot however tolerate the perpetual whining. Shut up and work out! Perhaps that's why I'm fat and can't participate in Naked and Afraid.