5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. Took my daughter to Santa's village and wouldn't let her play a game where you could win a fish. Unfortunately my mother said just tell her you will buy her a fish, which I did and now daily I heard about how I owe her a fish and she wrote on the calendar what day she is getting this fish...Stupid fish
  2. My daughter did her hair, make up and got dressed up and wanted a photo taken. She's a tomboy so this was very random but she looks beautiful and was so proud she did it herself.
  3. Found this gem in a clearance bin at a local store...I laughed my ass off!
  4. Brought the generic Frosted Flakes. My daughter was upset it didn't get the one with a the tiger on it so I fixed it! She didn't think it was funny...I did!
  5. This cat!!! I call him murder kitty! He chases me and my dog down the street almost every day for a month then shows up in my back yard...I'm afraid for my life!