The things about Tipper

  1. Adorable
    People stop me to tell me how cute he is...
  2. Cuddly
    He is not a morning pup. He does not want to get up and he doesn't want you to get up
  3. Bitey
    He number one hobby is biting.
  4. He loves the cat...
    Loves to chase him! Loves to cuddle with him!
  5. He's an ass...
    I took him to an off leash park. After an hour he ran off. I spent 15 minutes looking for him when some lady walks up with him and asks me if this is my dog. I answer yes. Tipper acts like he doesn't even know me!!! The lady doubts that he is mine.
  6. Countless things, hundreds of dollars wasted
    Things he has, toys, stuffed animals, avacodes, loaves of bread, bananas, Christmas ornaments, phone chargers, bras, paper towels rolls, erasers, brats and so many more random things
  7. Does not bark...
    When someone knocks at the door. He does however bark at me if I am not paying attention to him or at a wall.
  8. He had his own chairs.
  9. 55 pound lap dog
  10. He builds forts that no girls are allowed
    He doesn't care...all chairs are his. Again he thinks he a tiny little baby.
  12. His best friend is a cat...
  13. He wears socks
  14. He is family
  15. He's a model