1. My 4 year old nephew threatening to get me a tree for my birthday
    I asked for plants for my new yard and told no trees because my yard has 6 giant leaf producing trees with a field full of trees across the street...fall sucked! I spent days raking leaves. Over 40 bags of leaves. We moved in the middle of the summer and I thought to myself "what beautiful trees! What great shade they bring!" I was wrong.
  2. Making my 7 year old pee herself a little because we were laughing so hard!
    She wants to get 6 or 7 wiener dogs. She wants to dress them up in hot dog costumes. She even picked out names...mustard, ketchup, relish, weiner, top bun and bottom bun.
  3. Accidently taking a 3 hour nap.
  4. Reconnected with an old friend
    He may only have one ball but he has a great sense of humor about it!
  5. Took my daughter for her therapist...
    Only to be called back because my 9 year old daughter didn't want to talk. She wanted to meow and crawl around like a cat.