1. We flew into Amman but only spent time in our dingy, single-fluorescent-lightbulb-lit 2-star hotel room before catching a 6:30am bus to Petra
    There was a somewhat notable mosque across the street from us though. First call to prayer: 4:30am
  2. Welcome to Petra!
  3. After winding our way through the canyon, which could be a doppelgänger for the Zion Narrows...
  4. Occasionally being passed by the clattering of carriages...
  5. We suddenly found ourselves in front of the Treasury
  6. Camels and all
  7. Continuing on, more caves carved out of the stone
  8. Speaking of which, the colors of the stone are unreal
  9. Most of the city's freestanding structures are now reduced to scattered stones, but imagine the city as it once stood!
  10. After Petra, we headed south to Wadi Rum
    It was cold and dark already by the time we got to the desert camp after 10km of jeep off-roading; they welcomed us in a tent with fire and tea
  11. And then a fine Bedouin dinner
  12. After dinner was stargazing, lying on a rock, wrapped up in blankets, still shivering, trying to identify stars and constellations, failing, being content with recognizing Orion's belt, then many attempts at a selfie before heading off to bed
  13. Bedouin camp accommodations, in the morning light
  14. Stepping out of the tent in the morning felt like walking into a scene from The Martian
    Which, incidentally, was filmed in Wadi Rum
  15. Omg the desert
  16. Adventuring in a jeep
  17. One of the highlights in our jeep adventure: Rock Bridge
    I somehow suppressed my fear of heights enough to scramble atop the Rock Bridge. I am waving to you, dear reader.
  18. Specific formations aside, all through the desert are rock structures that look like abandoned alien civilizations
  19. Zoom in and there are nubby alien warts on the rock too
  20. Inside this mountain canyon are carvings from 1400 years ago!
    Also, it in of itself just looks so epic
  21. Do you see the etchings?
  22. Alien honeycomb
  23. Last stop in the desert: A sand dune
    I title this photo: Lady in sand
  24. Hi that's me
  25. Atop the dune we could see a village in the distance
  26. To which we traversed on camelback!
  27. Action shot of me and Grumpy, my camel that was seriously hangry and kept side-eyeing the keepers and then lurching sideways to sneak some grass snacks
  28. Made it to town
  29. Sunset on the way to Wadi Araba to stay with a Bedouin family
  30. We camped outside their "house" in their "backyard"
  31. In a tent inside a tent... First tent
  32. Second tent, being set up
    This man, though he spoke no English, managed to communicate to us that we should call him on his cell if the wooden support beam on the outer tent were to fall down during the sandstorm, because he would then come out to fix it 🙄
  33. Oh yes, happy Thanksgiving! We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner in our smoky sandy Bedouin tent
  34. Nighttime reading: Hamilton
  35. This little guy was very noisy in the nighttime sandstorm, as were his friends, the roosters and the goats...
  36. We then departed our Bedouin accommodations to explore a little river valley nearby
    The water from this stream gets piped to the farms for irrigation
  37. Tomato farm!
  38. Nearby, abandoned and dusty: The ruins of a Roman bath
  39. Modern Bedouin life!
    Still making do in this climate
  40. Next up: Dead Sea
  41. The Jordanian side is much more beautiful than where I visited on the Israeli side at Ein Gedi...
  42. Mud is provided in an urn on the beach instead of being retrievable underfoot in the water
  43. Such are the trade offs for having clear green and blue water instead of muddy brown
  44. So indulgent after two days in Bedouin tents and no showers and dust everywhere...
  45. Backpacking and dusty tents are usually more my vacation style, but one night of modern amenities and the opportunity to get clean before three flights back home, not so bad
  46. A final bit of relevant cultural education: watching Lawrence of Arabia on the way home
  47. Catch you all back stateside!