1. There are canals
  2. The canals are pretty
  3. Not many things more romantic than a warm spring picnic on a boat bobbing lightly on an Amsterdam canal
  4. Good Surinamese food. Thanks to colonialism maybe?
  5. Above the floating flower market
  6. Photo booth shenanigans
  7. Gloomy day but good weather for a morning run
  8. Even Dutch scones are cute
  9. Caffeination Mini at the Speaker Village
  10. Dome
  11. EYE museum, sadly one week away from opening the next exhibition
  12. EYE cafe views
  13. A'DAM
  14. €12.50 for passage to the lookout, comes with FREE cheesy green screen tourist photo
  15. Fenced in but high up
  16. Porthole
  17. The xxx
  18. Swingtime
  19. Sidewalk flowers, tulips of course
  20. Pretty and fluffy meringues
  21. I might need this shirt
  22. My favourite spelling of "coffee". Relatedly, I have now learned that "coffeeshop" in Amsterdam does not mean "place to get coffee"
  23. More canal views at the entrance to the festival grounds for TNW
  24. More purple lights
  25. Morning run to/around Vondel Park
  26. Decent running weather, very much like SF all the time... just a little bit grayer, chillier, and windier than you expect or want
  27. Foreshadowing frites to come
  28. Fresh made stroopwafel, still warm from the press, caramel gooey, from the original stroopwafel truck in Albert Cuypmarket. To die for
  29. Surfer hangout vibes, knotted ropes, lush green hanging plants, puffer fish light fixture, aloha signage. All to be found at CT Coffee & Coconuts, housed in a three-story former cinema
  30. Beautiful bibimbap x tuna poke bowl at CT Coffee and Coconuts
  31. Street art
  32. Bright flowers still pretty on a gloomy day
  33. Rijksmuseum!! So good
  34. Rembrandt, Night Watch
    It actually wasn't meant to be a night scene originally but the paint got darkened over time and people assumed from the darkness it was a night watch. Actually it's an interior lit by sunlight through a window
  35. I <3 Impressionism, especially pointillism
    Missed out on the Van Gogh museum but happy to see some of his work at Rijksmuseum!
  36. The classiest of boat rides: Domino's, beer and wine
    TNW Speaker Boat Party
  37. Scene
  38. Boat ride finale at golden hour (9pm)
  39. I'm not good at tourist-photo'ing
  40. Yeah not one of my life skills
  41. Night reflections on the canal
  42. Freshly fried, salted, ketchup-smothered frites
    The end